It is possible that I have that Joyce Carol Oates problem (you know, obsessive writing and verbosity? Some people call it logorrhea. I’m pretty sure Meg Cabot has it too). With that in mind, I do have several other places where I write regularly.

Funny Strange
is a blog I’ve had since 2005, when I realized I had enough weird stories and pictures of funny food to fill such a thing.  Believe it or not, it has a pretty large following, and people now send me pictures of food and other weird signs to put up all the time.  One of the stories, “Lessons Learned from a Pimp,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, if you can believe that.   Funny Strange is still where I make daily (or at least bi-weekly) updates about where I am and what’s going on, as well as what I’m finding particularly amusing that day (especially bizarre advertisements).   If you see weird food or signs, please feel free to send them to me, and I will feature them prominently, and we will all laugh.

I am also known to make lists from time to time, like “Top Ten Story Songs of All Time” and “Halloween Candy Guaranteed to Make Children Egg Your House.”

Funny Strange is syndicated in the BlogHer network and has been featured on blogs and in articles, which I guess means that people like my weird sense of humor.  Perhaps someday the collected stories will be turned into a book!

BookPromotion.com is a website that is mainly for indie authors to learn more about self-promotion, and I have a weekly blog over there as well, about the publishing industry and things I think might be relevant to you if you’re an author.

Get Creative Inc. is my website company, and sometimes I write over there about technical things like WordPress updates, hosting preferences, SEO strategies I’m trying out, and just how much code you can take out of something before it breaks.   If you tend to not like technical things, you are probably going to find that boring.

I also have a habit of taking pictures of strange signs and food, and you can see that photo-stream here.

Here are some articles I’ve written and interviews I’ve done.  If you would like to have me on your radio or television show to talk about the internet, or publishing, or websites, or self-publishing, or food phobias, or anything else, feel free to contact me using this form, or reach me on Twitter.


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